Do you use good Energy Conservation practices at your company? The term Conservation is often associated with activism and protests but that is not really conservation. Typically, people who are activists waste just as much energy and environment as everyone else, and often the louder they speak the more they waste. There’s no question that we need to be good stewards of this world that we inhabit, but true conservation is when you use less energy to serve an even greater amount of your fellow man .

The quest for most businesses is to be efficient, because it is that efficiency that allows the company to profit. The more efficient they are then the more they profit they see, plus the more efficient they are the less energy they use per fellow person served. After all, isn’t the greenest electron the one you never have to buy!

The National Association of Manufacturing has consistently documented that companies with even basic energy training and management programs can lower their energy costs by 10%, 20%, 30% and more! When you take these energy savings and factor in what is known as “ Sales to Energy Ratio ” ( SER ) the impact of energy saving can easily run into the millions of dollars.

Many companies are far more efficient with their energy usage than many of those who try to impress their own view of conservation on the rest of the world. How do the most effectively efficient companies manage their energy usage? The truth is that most companies don’t manage their energy. They are generally efficient by default-necessity, in that if they are not efficient then they will lose money and their business will ultimately fail. Sadly, businesses miss out because of this default-necessity for efficiency because they have been doing the same thing for so long and have been succeeding as a business, but they could save more.

What a lot of businesses don’t know is that with a bit of understanding and Energy Management education in the right place within their organization, they can and will make even more money by increasing profits through true Energy Conservation . When a discussion about energy conservation or efficiency gets to this point, people’s minds often gravitate towards “Renewable Energies”. This faux concept is somewhat misguided. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with renewables; renewable energy is a fine goal to have, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Energy Efficiency or Energy Conservation . Renewables are about energy creation.

In fact, if we ever want to realistically hit the zero fossil fuels goal, our first place to start this quest is with true energy efficiency and Energy Conservation . Not everyone wants to deal with renewables but even if we do accomplish the lion’s share of energy coming from renewables, we still have the problem of the fact that the sun doesn’t shine at night to feed the solar panels the needed energy and, the wind is often not blowing enough to spin wind turbines.

So, it’s settled, the best and first place to invest is in true Energy Conservation . Bet you think this is an expensive endeavor? Great news, typically it’s not! In fact, for the price of a decent Energy Management Training Course Online , most companies can reduce their energy cost at least a couple. And with little or no other expenditures, they will change their company habits or workflow in simple modest ways, producing long-term ongoing returns year after year with virtually no investment.

But the real savings begin when a little is spent to save a lot. There are many things that can be done, some are free, some cost little, and some cost more, and typically the more that is spent on true Energy Conservation , to a point, the higher the long-term returns will be. Be aware that there are points of diminishing returns in investment amounts, so it is best to have your staff get some general understanding on the subject so that they can implement a reasonable Energy Management Program . Implementation of good Energy Management is often done backwards, ending in frustration and wasted capital.

Too often, societal pressure is forced on all things business to be more energy conscious, at which point company heads often gravitate to expensive low return investment on very costly, low return Energy Conservation investments, or worse, renewable technologies. These technologies are okay, but from a business perspective are not good initial investments. Businesses need solid returns on their investments or they will not survive for long. When it comes to Energy Conservation the first go-to place is now, always has been, and always will be, a good Energy Management Training Program . And that starts with Energy Management Training for all key employees .

Do some searches for Energy Management Training Courses Online and find yourself a course that your employees can access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You want the course to be accessible for several months after each employee completes their course. And most importantly, and this is a big one, make sure that each person taking the course has access to the course instructors or the course technical staff for questions, so that when done with the course, or even during the course, questions can be asked and answered promptly.

Too often online courses have no good means of student interaction with persons of authority on the subject matter in the courses. This leaves the students at a loss. After a course has been completed, those who took the course typically have questions about their company’s energy environment. A good Energy Management Training Course will offer easy access to energy professionals who can answer the basic questions at no additional cost. And if the training internet site has really great service, they will usually offer extended paid services for Consultation, Energy Audits, Utility Bill Audits, Project Management and more.

Choose wisely, and select the best Energy Management Training Course that you can find online . You get what you pay for, so make sure it serves your company’s Energy Conservation needs properly and do it today!

Don't forget to check your Sales to Energy Ratio! . A great SER can save you more than you would expect.
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